On March 25, 2009, The Wallstreet Journal ran a piece on Payment Protection Systems. Many of our clients are mentioned by name. "For the most part we've like it, because it has helped us build better credit", says one car buyer.
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KCTV 5 News "On Time" Special Report
On May 13, 2009, Kansas City's KCTV 5 did a Special Report on iPAY/OnTime Payment Protection Systems. See how a struggling family is able to purchase a car through one of our clients. Our devices combined with our services are helping car dealers and their customers.
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The Kansas City Star
April 2, 2009. The iPAY/OnTime device on Shirley Baucom’s Ford Expedition enabled her to establish a credit history, saidBaucum, a grocery cashier in North Kansas City: “I love it. I wish it were on everything —the refrigerator, the stove —to help people remember” when payments are due.
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